Behind MB art dolls

About me...

I’m Sara, artist and doll maker, from Milan - the city of arts and fashion. My journey starts in my twenties when I discovered the world of doll making. I was attending the Faculty of Biology in Milan but after graduation, something clicked in my head as I realized that this path was not for me. From a very early age, I developed a fascination to draw, paint and create all sorts of things, so I decided to enroll for the Event Horizon digital school of art while studying sculpture and doll making as an autodidact.

At that time I couldn’t have imagined how my life would have changed after this decision and now I am a full-time artist, building her career from the ground up.

...and my dolls

Inspired by history, fairy tales, and nature, my dolls tell new stories and allow dreams to come true. Starting with sketches and ideas I create everything by hand: mold prototypes, cold porcelain bodies, makeups, wigs and whole outfits. Every dress, every lock of hair, every tiny detail tells you how unique and exclusive my dolls are.

I love the feeling when the doll is complete and another page is added to my creation journey. I hope that you can feel the same passion and love for life in my dolls as I do.