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How to make a wig for your BJD

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The hairstyle is an important element to shaping the whole character of your BJD doll, and it’s even interesting if you could change the hair depending on the doll's costume.

So, how do I make a wig for my BJD doll? how do I attach the hair? In this tutorial, I’ll take you through five easy steps of making this fashion and lovely-looking wig.


You can use just the doll head, or the whole sculpted doll, like I do in this tutorial. Either way, it's important to cover your doll with the cling wrap, so it won't be ruined in the process.

For the wig cap, I use some small pieces of cotton fabric, you can use even an old t-shirt, but avoid using elastic fabric because it tends to shrink once the glue has dried.


Add some white glue on the head and start to glue the pieces of fabric to create the cap. Be sure to cover the whole head, and don't worry about covering the face or ears, the excess will be cut off later.

Do 2 or 3 layers of fabric to make the cap thick enough to be held in without being deformed, and then, coat the whole wig cap with a layer of white glue. Wait for it to dry.

When the glue is completely dry, draw the hairline onto the wig cap and cut the edges.

See how it looks and trim the edges more if needed.


I like to use silk viscose hair for my doll, which can be easily found on Etsy. The things I love about viscose are the softness and shine of the locks, easy styling with hair styling product, and heat.

Star brush your hair and when they are smooth and soft take a small section of them, trimming the edges to make them neat.

Remember to use a little bit more hair than you initially intended to because some of the hair will fall out later.

Place the section on a plastic sheet, so the glue won't stick to the surface ( I use plastic envelopes for document) and secure the neat edges with white glue.

Now cut the lock so that the hair reaches under the shoulders of the doll (depending on the size of the doll the length of the locks will be different, mine are about 2-3 cm in length) and repeat the process:

1- trimming the edges

2- secure the neat edges with glue

3- cut the lock of the appropriate length for your doll

Make enough locks to cover the entire cap and leave some longer strands to make the front ones. Do not worry about making the right number of locks, you can always do more during the attachment of them if they seem not enough.

When the glue is dry, detach the locks from the plastic sheet and trim the edges to make them neat and straight.


Put some glue on the back of your cap and place your first locks.

So starting from the backside of the cap keep adding locks until you reach the other side, and repeat the process working in layers adding small sections of hair above the already glued ones.

Continue to do so until you reach the top of the head. I mark the middle of the cap with the pencil and place two locks following this middle line.

Now you have to hide the glue of these two locks: add another lock in the middle area near the front side of the cap covering the most of the glue. Finally, take the last two locks and fold them where you secure it with the glue, making a 90° angle

Glue the folded part and place the first lock on the front side (that I cut it shorter than others to make the bang) and the second lock on the backside of your cap.

Be careful and use just a little bit of glue! Leave it to dry.


Brush the hair to get your wig smooth and ready for styling. Don't be worry when you see that some of the hair starts falling out it's completely normal! For styling, you can use heat and almost all hair products that you'd usually use for yourself.

I starting with make them a little bit wet with water to keep them down and heating them to secure the right position.

I then use the “Studio line invisi fix” to make them more compact and start cutting the hair.

This hairstyle is really easy to cut, just start to cut the bang and then the side of your wig following an oblique line.

Remember to cut little by little in order to adjust the hair as the haircut takes shape.

Here's the finished result:

Yoru, Cold porcelain BJD
Yoru, Cold porcelain BJD

As you can see it's not that complicated! If you have any questions you can leave me a comment here and I'll be happy to answer it.

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