Material: Cold porcelain
Wig: Black silk viscose
Dress and shoes: Italian silk, silk ribbon
Dress decoration: 14k Gold filled elements

Yoru is a ball jointed doll, that can change her position.  


This doll is totally hand made and it's realized after a long work of modeling and assembly. The pieces twist with each other thanks to elastic, sping, and hooks mounted by hand and the logo tattoo is a unique signature of Midsummer Bliss art dolls.


Her little face has hand-painted eyes, that are protected by a resin lens that gives depth to her gaze and they are inserted into her little head. 

The lashes were applied one by one and the viscose hairs are glued on a small cap that allowing their removal.


The elegant dress was sewn by hand and the shoes are removable.


Yoru goes with pedestal, a certificate of authenticity, and an elegant box, in which she can be stored during her shifts.


The doll is 17 cm tall.

Yoru, cold Porcelain BJD